If you don't have your permits you can't build. At Wnek Engineering we help our clients obtain the correct permits for their projects so that they can get out and build. Without knowing what forms and documents to submit where, a job can stagnate for years. At Wnek Engineering we have knowledge of which permits are required and how to fill them out correctly so that a project will not sit on an official's desk waiting for complete permitting.

Although not strictly 'engineering,' acquiring the necessary permits from various agencies to allow for construction is an integral portion of our work.

  • The permitting process may include land-use procedures, along with construction permits.
  • Permits may be required from multiple levels of government: local, state, or federal.
  • Additionally, the permitting procedure varies between local jurisdictions.
  • Complex projects may require specialized studies for critical areas, geotechnical, traffic, etc.

Compliance is the flip side of that coin - when an inspector finds something is found that isn't allowed, we can provide recommendations and plans to remediate the problem and get your project back on track. Wnek Engineering has been meeting compliance in the Puget Sound region for over 15 years and is ready and willing to put over a decade of relationships with compliance officials to use for your project.