Culvert Replacement & Fish Passage

Culverts were typically designed in the past to handle certain amounts of water depending on what flowed to them, and little more. Today, culvert design is much more sophisticated. We design waterways in the Northwest to allow for the spawning of native fish species as well as storm flows and stream stability. By creating culverts and passages that more closely mimic natural stream conditions, we promote the spawning of fish along many of the channels and tributaries around us.

Bainbridge Island Culvert Replacement / Fish Passage (currently in design)

Wnek Engineering provided the basin flow calculations and specifications for the replacement culvert. Long range plans include the installation of a rain garden between the culvert inlet and the parks western boundary. This will allow additional infiltration into the soil and help improve late summer stream flows for salmonids in the Chico Creek watershed.

Newberry Hill Heritage Park - Culvert Replacement (donated community effort)